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Our birth

In 2014, Growh.com was founded in Gouda with the name ProviderAdviseur to advise consumers and companies on telecom services in the first instance. Soon the step towards offering energy services was made. Where in the early months mainly freelancers joined Growh.com, many call centers started running their projects through our platform.



After the merger with one of its main partners Fixdata in early 2017, everything got even faster. The end of 2017 moved from Gouda to the current, more centrally located, office in Baarn. From this new location, we worked even more efficiently.



As clients demand more and more compliancy requirements, Growh.com decides to invest in its back office. From the end of 2018, approximately 50 of all imported orders from dealer call centers are listened to and assessed. Satisfied clients and further growth are the result.



Beginning 2019 a new milestone in existence the company: launch its own software called ROMS. With the launch of Reach, Growh.com will turn into a new era. The software is made so that sellers can easily enter orders and have a clear overview of how they stand in terms of sales numbers.

Executive board

Marcel de Jong

General Manager

Acting as a good link between clients and sales parties is the challenge for me. Good communication and transparent trading is the most important thing. This is why I am passionate about it.

Fatih Aksoy

Commercial Director

Giving leadership and motivating my team every day is in my blood. In order to reach success, one has to work hard ánd smart.

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